4 Poems in The Fictional Café

I’m delighted that my poems “Tryst,” “Unincorporated Places,” “Tenuous is the Thread,” and “Eve’s Burden” are featured at The Fictional Café! Many thanks to Editor Sarah Kersey for believing in my words and giving them such an awesome home.


3 Poems in RAW Journal of Arts

Fridays are always fantastic, but this one is especially so for me, as my poems “Trawler,” “Brainchild,” and “Grief Bares Rotting Teeth” are included in the gorgeous inaugural issue of RAW Journal of Arts! Many thanks to Editors Kris, Jane, and Tori.

We Are All Stranded in Our Own Seas

This Wednesday started out gloomy, and to top it off, I’m sick with a cold, but I’m in high spirits now that the latest issue of Daphne Magazine has been released! I’m honored that my poem “We Are All Stranded in Our Own Seas” is included in this gorgeous issue. Many thanks to Editor Allison Emily Lee.