4 Poems in The Fictional Café

I’m delighted that my poems “Tryst,” “Unincorporated Places,” “Tenuous is the Thread,” and “Eve’s Burden” are featured at The Fictional Café! Many thanks to Editor Sarah Kersey for believing in my words and giving them such an awesome home.


Ghost City Press Summer Micro-chapbook Series

Sarah Kersey, poet and associate editor for South Florida Poetry Journal, has a fantastic article in The Fictional Café regarding Ghost City Press’s 2018 Summer Micro-Chapbook Series, which will include my collection Evolving God. Sarah also makes insightful points about the importance of sharing fellow writers’ work. Be sure to give it a read!

Sarah Kersey

GCP started its annual micro-chapbook series on Monday!  Free books emailed to your inbox for 75 days!  Wrote an article about it (and shouted out poet M. Stone!) here:


Each book thus far has been top quality.  The best deal on the Internet.

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