Evolving God will be published as a micro-chapbook by Ghost City Press in June 2018.

Evolving God


“Abandoned House, Still Breathing”; “The Drive Home”; “Poaching History”; and “An Unsentimental Family” were published in SOFTBLOW in June 2017.

“Luna Moth: A Shadorma” was published in NatureWriting in July 2017.

“Maggie” was published in Failed Haiku: A Journal of English Senryu in July 2017.

“Burgeoning” was published in Mookychick in July 2017.

“June Wedding: A Shadorma” was published in NatureWriting in July 2017.

“The Lord Taketh Away” was published in The Ekphrastic Review in July 2017.

“No Mending This” was published in Eunoia Review in July 2017.

“Downstream” was published in Man in the Street in July 2017.

“Safe Haven” was published in Calamus Journal in July 2017.

“Early Warning,” “Summer, 1995,” and “On the Night of My Grandmother’s Death” were published in Neologism Poetry Journal in August 2017.

“#22,” “The Martyr,” and “The Sanatorium” were published in Verdancies Journal in August 2017.

“You’re a Woman Now” was published in The MOON in August 2017.

“Resistance” was published in San Pedro River Review in August 2017.

“Pretense,” “Threadbare,” and “The Old House” were published in Clear Poetry in August 2017.

“With This Ring” was published in Allegro Poetry Magazine in September 2017.

“The Hatchery” was published in Califragile in September 2017.

“The Horrible Thing I Did” was published in Red Eft Review in September 2017.

“It Stays with You” was published in Dying Dahlia Review in September 2017.

“Life-Long Honeymoon” was published in Unlost Journal in September 2017.

“Centralia” and “With Fox Stealth” were published in Easy Street in September 2017.

“The Cost of Living” was published in The Rising Phoenix Review in September 2017.

“What Has Become of Us” was published in Thirteen Myna Birds in September 2017.

“Ebb Tide” was published in Gyroscope Review in October 2017.

“The Condemned” was published in About Place Journal in October 2017.

“Blue Ridge” was published in Varnish Journal in October 2017.

“Cusp of Autumn” was published in Poetry Breakfast in October 2017.

“You Ungrateful Girl,” “Wrong Side Out,” and “Best Left Buried” were published in The Write Launch in October 2017.

“Chimera” was published in Black Poppy Review in October 2017.

“Gray Matter” was published in Street Light Press in October 2017.

“One Foot off the Path” was published in Muddy River Poetry Review in October 2017.

“Not Blue, But Black” was published in Poetry Breakfast in October 2017.

“Aldebaran” was published in The Mystic Blue Review in October 2017.

“Our Last Ride” was published in Into the Void in October 2017.

“Pharisees” was published in Eskimo Pie in October 2017.

“Upcycle” and “Foresight” were published in The /tƐmz/ Review in October 2017.

“A Crisis of Faith” was published in Bop Dead City in November 2017.

“Green Bank” was published in Visitant in November 2017.

“Stripped Down to Parts” and “Sisters” were published in Anti-Heroin Chic in November 2017.

“Cardboard Box Heart” was published in The River in November 2017.

“Fire Opal” was published in Buck Off Magazine in November 2017.

“Renewal” was published in Amaryllis in November 2017.

“In This Blood, a New Debt”; “Outsider”; and “Light Years” were published in Scarlet Leaf Review in November 2017.

“Autonomy” was published in bad pony in November 2017.

“Born-Again Skeptic” and “A Gentle Hand Wields the Knife” were published in water soup in November 2017.

“Something New Every Day: Found Poetry” was published in Leaves of Ink in November 2017.

“Hungry Ghost” was published in Algebra of Owls in November 2017.

“Little Pitchers” was published in MORIA in November 2017.

“Warning Signal” was published in After the Pause in December 2017.

“Hemmed In” was published in Déraciné in December 2017.

“Bad Blood” was published in Rat’s Ass Review in December 2017.

“First-Generation Apostate” was published in Clementine Unbound in December 2017.

“We Are All Stranded in Our Own Seas” was published in Daphne Magazine in December 2017.

“Waking the Will to Live” was published in Edison Literary Review in December 2017.

“Masks” was published in Sleet Magazine in December 2017.

“Stimulus and Response” was published in Horny Poetry Review in December 2017.

“Gut Instinct” was published in Coffin Bell in December 2017.

“Out in the Sticks” was published in MockingHeart Review in December 2017.


“Year of Dismantling Myths” was published in Memoir Mixtapes in January 2018.

“Lighting the Absence” was published in Amethyst Review in January 2018.

“No Revival” and “Shelter” were published in Rosette Maleficarum in January 2018.

“Single Woman Changing Sheets” was published in HerStory in January 2018.

“Loss in Small Doses” was published in The Broke Bohemian in January 2018.

“Assisted Living” was published in formercactus in January 2018.

“The Oddball Reveals Herself Early On” was published in Cacti Fur in January 2018.

“My Hands, a Story” was published in Ink & Voices in January 2018.

“The Privilege of Right Mind” was published in Rag Queen Periodical in January 2018.

“Wise Woman” and “Deaths in the Family” were published in Laurel Magazine in January 2018.

“Outcasts” was published in Typewriters and Salve in January 2018.

“What Passed Between Us” was published in The Avalon Literary Review in January 2018.

“Aftermath” was published in The Cabinet of Heed in February 2018.

“Place of Purpose” was published in The Drabble in February 2018.

“Thanatos” was published in Little Rose Magazine in February 2018.

“Keep Quiet” was published in Paragraph Planet in February 2018.

“Reckoning” was published in Neologism Poetry Journal in March 2018.

“The Body’s Last Wishes” was published in Wax Seal Literary Magazine in March 2018.

“Woman with Mirror” and “When the Poetry Abandons You” was published in Willow in March 2018.

“Green-Eyed” was published in Halfway Down the Stairs in March 2018.

“Treading Water” was published in The Pangolin Review in March 2018.

“Trawler,” “Brainchild,” and “Grief Bares Rotting Teeth” were published in RAW Journal of Arts in March 2018.

“A Lesson Bearing My Name” and “False Hope” were published in Blood Sugar Poetry in March 2018.

“Not For You Not This” was published in Star 82 Review in March 2018.

“Treachery” was published in tenderness, yea in March 2018.

“Who Could Bear That Burden?” was published in A Restricted View From Under The Hedge in March 2018.

“Fragments of Never Was” was published in Pendora Magazine in March 2018.

“Crux” was published in Memoir Mixtapes in April 2018.

“A Crisis of Faith” was published in Abstract Magazine in April 2018.

“Planning My Wedding” was included in the Poetry Leaves Outdoor Poetry Exhibition in May 2018.

“My Father’s Words” and “It Goes On” were published in Ariel Chart in May 2018.

“Endless Days Done All Too Soon” and “New Eyes” were published in Freshwater Literary Journal in May 2018.

“Trick of the Light” was published in First Literary Review-East in May 2018.

“The Brunt of It” was published in Dime Show Review in May 2018.

“Ephemera” was published in Hedge Apple in May 2018.

“Winter View” will be published in Before After/Godwink in June 2018.

“Confines,” “Eve in the Blood,” “Underfoot,” and “Who Among Us” will be published in Avatar Review in June 2018.

“First Loves” and “Hankering” will be published in UCity Review in June 2018.

“A State of” will be published in Communion in June 2018.

“A Measured Healing” will be published in formercactus in July 2018.

“Willful Forfeit” will be published in Veil: Journal of Darker Musings in October 2018.

“Craving the Uncanny” will be published in Bewildering Stories in 2018.

“Take Care” will be published in Chiron Review in 2018.

“Loblolly” will be published in Canary in 2018.

“Ruth,” “Siphoning,” and “Strange Tongue” will be published in The Virginia Normal in spring 2019.